Friday, July 20, 2012


My Baby is 10 1/2 months old!  I feel like not too long ago I was ridiculously uncomfortable and 9 months pregnant in the hottest summer Texas has ever seen!  (And blogging about it)

This past year has contained the hardest and most overwhelming times of my entire life, but by "most overwhelming" I mean the times you feel stuck and dont know what else to do overwhelming and also the overwhelming feeling you get when you watch your baby sleep and think how did that come from me? 

Micah is such a happy baby, he smiles at people he doesn't even know!  Any errands I run with him usually dont go as quickly as I have planned because everyone stops us to see my sweet little boy!!

Micah is walking!  He started Crawling at 5 1/2 months, took his first steps the day he was officially 9 months and a few weeks later, he walks everywhere like a pro!  He started getting teeth at 6 months and now has 8 teeth!!  He can say "dada" and "mama" and I'm pretty sure he tries really hard to say "no".  He playfully says"bahbahbahbah...."  when he is playing, he loves to hide behind the rocking chair in his room, and knock over just about everything!  He loves to pull a blanket of the couch and pull it over his head to "hide", he thinks it so funny and stays perfectly still because he thinks I can't see him.  He understands when I tell him no and starts crying like someone just bit him or something. He loves looking at him self in the mirror and laughing, so much so that when we went to the zoo thats what he did when we took him to see the fish and reptiles(they are in the glass, where he can see himself). 

Here's  some Pictures of his life so far:
                                                                   1 month
                                                           2 months
                                                                     5 Months
                                                        First Halloween-1 month
                                                               4 months
                                                                4 (ish) months
                                                                   First Christmas-3 months
                                                              4 Months
                                                               First time to swing- 8 months
                                                Knocking over things and pushing them around
                                           First July 4th-after a nap in the car after seeing his first parade-9 1/2 months
                                                         First time at the zoo-10 months

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  1. Love that little guy! I'm sure he is trying to say Nana as well. You forgot to add that important information!!