Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is the stuff You use

I just looked at my calendar, 3 1/2 weeks until Micah's due date.  If he makes it that long, a nurse at my doctors office told me that my doctor doesn't like her patients to go beyond 40 weeks so it shouldn't be any later than that. 

I dont know that I'm ready for labor, but I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.  My back is killing me, among other unpleasant things that I'll spare your ears and eyes from. 

We just about have Micah's room done, just a little straightening things up to be done and then I will post pictures on here(if I can figure it out) and on Facebook. 

Looking back over the last 9 months, I honestly didnt think I would make it this far.  There are many factors in my.........biology(I guess) that caused me to believe there was a chance of........something happening to this pregnancy.  Every week I have carried I praise God for allowing me to carry this far.

  (I have gone back and forth about whether or not to mention this part in my blog).   Somehow though during this time of transition and joy, God chose for me to be praying for and supporting some sweet frineds of mine who are also expecting and a few weeks behind me.  My friends pregnancy has had a few more bumps than mine but still they have their eyes fixed on the Maker of their Baby, which is where they should be.

I dont have the words to express how much my heart aches for my friends and their sweet baby.  But I can see God's amazing sovereigty in not only their lives, but in giving me this situation to pray for and support during my pregnancy.  I mean that walking with them through this right now, not only makes it more real and gives me a better vantage point to support them, but also a better vantage point for my own family.  It encourages my heart to see all the things God has brought them through, healing their babies heart and mind, etc., when I worry about little things like how in the world we will have the money to care for this little growing boy and about his salvation I am reminded that it is silly to worry about such things when my God is so BIG.  It makes me think of a line in a song "In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed".  Please dont read this wrong, I am not saying in any way that I feel I am blessed and my friends are not.  Actually the opposite, they are so blessed and I am encouraged by how much God had blessed them.  And I am encouraged by their faith.  The song by  Francesca Battistelli continues "But I gotta trust You know exactly what You're doing It might not be what I would choose But this is the stuff You use"