Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too Big

   You are 8 1/2 months old.  These are things you can do:

You have been crawling since you were 5 1/2  months old
You can stand unassisted for up to 30 seconds when you want to(not walking yet, but Mommy is OK with that:))-only one time I have seen you stand up on your own without pulling up on anything

You babble sounds-mostly "bahbahbah"- but occasionally its "mahmahmah" and earlier this week you said "mama" but you haven't done it since then.

We moved into our new house in Crowley and didnt put a babygate like we had in our townhouse, so now you into EVERYTHING!!   You push around all the chairs and your bigger toys(your music table and walker).  I have seen you knock over a chair and push it into the living room and yesterday you turned over your music table and pushed it into the middle of the kitchen.   I thought that you might be pushing your music table over on accident so I turned it back for you but you pushed it over again, showing Mommy you wanted it that way.

You are in a phase(hopefully) just a phase of meal time being difficult.  You hate having to sit still for Mommy or Daddy to feed you, so we let you hold a spoon and play with it while you eat(for now).   On our family Vacation you showed everyone how much you hate mealtime.  Aunt Heather and Aunt Mandy though it was funny that you cry the same way Mommy used to, so they laughed which just made you want more attention.

You also have made a bad habit over the last few months of making it difficult for anyone to give you a bottle and especially change your diaper.  When someone tries to change your diaper, you flip over as quick as you can to find something to play with, so sometimes I can get you to lay (kid of) still if you have something to play with. 

You have started crying loudly when you dont get what you want.  This is very recent so people that  dont know you well are quick to get you what you want, but Mommy and Daddy know better:)

Some funny things you have done recently:   When you dont get what you want, you cry loudly and start shaking your fist up and down.

You love feet and shoes and the other day when Daddy got home you chased his feet in circles trying to get his stinky shoes.

Mommy found a dead bug in your mouth a week ago.  It was funny but also scared Mommy a little. (I really do keep my house clean, we just haven't resolved the bug issues in our new house all they way)

Found out why you are a boy when Mommy was changing you and were a little too fascinated

You also mostly take 2 longer naps a day instead of a 4 or 5 30 minute naps, and Mommy is very grateful:)

In 3 1/2 short months you will have lived a whole year!  It went by too fast for Mommy and Daddy but we are excited to see what God has in store for your little life in the coming years!!

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