Monday, October 15, 2012

Thirty, flirty and thriving.. or somthing like that.....

Before Nick left for work this morning, he said "Enjoy your last day in your twenties."  ugh.  Now I know he does this because I have given him a hard time at each of his birthdays since he turned 30.
  I will be 30 tomorrow(10-16).  My sister Heather was excited to be 30, she said "I'm a big kid now".  I thought I would approach my big day with that kind of enthusiasm as well  And dont get my wrong I am excited to jump into the next decade of my life.  I'm just definently not where, or doing, anything I thought about my life when I was going to be 30.
   So let's evaluate,  I'm a stay-at-home mom beginning a thirty-one business(ask me more about it!), I have a very active one year old(other friends my age have 2 or 3 kids by now), live in Crowley, TX and my husband still works at the same place he did when we met 5 years ago. 
  If someone had told me this when I was about to graduate high school I would not believe them, to say the least.  I imagined that I would be running an orphanage in Chincha, Peru, with probably a different spouse(I had not met my Nick yet), and be living a happy missionary life with at least 2  kids.
"God's plans are not our plans", you can say that again.  Between those 2 different scenarios A TON happened that changed where I am now.  Rather than writing out each little thing that got my where I am(which would be pages)  I will just move on.
So I'll be a "big kid" tomorrow and start this new journey in my life.  MOVING ON!

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